We offer personal taxation consultancy services like personal tax planning, personal tax consultancy services, tax compliance and advisory services that cover the following:

   •   Personal Tax Services Compliances that includes compiling and filing of Tax returns.

   •   We provide review and assistance in advance tax computations.

   •   Representation before the Tax authorities related to tax assessments, refunds or other matters.

   •   We guide in getting various tax registrations that includes Permanent Account Number (PAN).

   •   Management of tax records in Soft and Hard forms.

   •   Advisory on tax issues like capital gains/ loans/ tax Investments etc.


We provide full-fledged consultancy services, financial consultancy services, business consultancy services including - direct taxation, indirect taxation & book keeping. We take care of filing your returns, Assessment and Refunds etc.


An indirect tax is the tax collected by an intermediary from the person who shall bears the ultimate economic burden of the tax. It in fact increases the price of goods so that consumers are actually paying the taxes by paying more for the products. The examples of indirect tax are service tax and value added taxes (VAT). Here, the intermediary later files a tax return and forwards tax proceeds to the government with the return.


As indirect tax consultants, ours services are as follows:

Sales Tax Consultant
   •   Advice on the applicability and levy of Central tax and State Sales tax laws or Works Contract tax.
   •   Provide assistance in the structuring of transactions and agreements in relation to inter-state and intra-state sales in order to make the tax incidences to the minimum.
   •   Conduct comprehensive Sales tax health-checks and also studies to ensure that the appropriate advice is given in setting up warehousing locations to minimise Sales tax         incidence.


Service Tax Consultancy
   •   We provide advisory services with regard to applicability of the tax and procedural compliance like registration, assessments etc.
   •   We help to review contracts and agreements to help mitigate the overall incidence of service tax.
   •   We help in conducting Service tax health checks to determine the service tax implications on client operations, gauge compliance with legal provisions and also suggest tax         planning opportunities to our clients.


VAT Consultancy Services
   •   We provide expert advice on a wide range of issues related to VAT implications on cross-border transactions.
   •   We assist in claiming VAT input credits.
   •   We suggest on the perfect strategy to minimize the global VAT incidence.