Research & Advisory Services

Most of us would like to trade in the Indian Capital Market simply because we have heard a lot about its returns. People are generally amazed by the huge profits that one can earn while dealing in this trade of business. But the question is how do we go about it? This is the stage where you need the assistance or help or this is the stage where research and advisory options come into play.


Research and advisory assists the customer in investing, trading in the market. It also advices the customer about which stock to buy, which to sell, how to trade in market and what strategies should be followed while trading in the market. It also helps in understanding the market and also getting the tips which are required by every customer while he is dealing in the Market.


Why Sobhakanksha?
   •   Make most of market opportunities with accurate and profitable SMS recommendations.
   •   Prompt advisory support on email, SMS, website and phone call.
   •   Access to daily equity, derivatives, currency and commodity reports.
   •   Daily and Monthly Research Newsletter.


Thus Research and advisory is something which is a very important feature of Sobhakanksha advisory service which helps the customer in providing them the tips and recommendation which are required while dealing in the market and also saves the time which the client would have spent in understanding the trend and pattern of the market.