Equity and Derivative Trading Platform

Trading Platform at Sobhakanksha offers online equity trading facilities for investors who are looking for the straightforwardness, convenience and hassle free trading experience. We provide Applications, which are high –end and trustworthy coupled with integrated trading platforms for fast, efficient and reliable execution of trades. These applications give you the privilege to trade at NSE and BSE simultaneously from any destination at your convenience. Our clients have access to a multitude of resources like live quotes, charts, research, advice; and online assistance, which help you to take informed decisions. Both trading systems offer integrated Asset Management system for executing delivery based trades, providing margins against shares and offer other products such as Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow without putting your position to risk. You can also trade through our agency network on phone by calling our designated representatives in the Branches where you are registered as a client.


   •   Cash N Carry
   •   Deliveries on Margin
   •   High Intra-day exposures.


Value Added Services:
   •   Stock collateral benefits
   •   Digital Contract Notes
   •   Research calls through multiple channels
   •   Phone trade
   •   Personal Investment Advisory


Sobhakanksha also offers Online trading as well as offline trading depending on the discretion of the clients:-


Online Trading
The online trading serves you the expediency of trading from your home, office or still while you are traveling with your laptop. In case you are not in a situation to go online, you have the decision of calling up any of our Agency branches and place an order on phone or you can even visit our branch personally.


Online trading account gives you the power to:
   •   Trade via web, phone, or in person at a branch.
   •   Get admittance to acclaimed buy/sell recommendations and formulate the right investment conclusion.
   •   Move money (pay-outs & pay-ins of funds) easily through a zero balance account
   •   Move securities easily through a Demat account with cutting edge technology.


Off-line Trading
An Offline Securities Trading account offers you the handiness of trading from your home, office and even while you are traveling all the way through the telephone or SMS. You have the option of calling up any of our branches and place an order on phone or SMS or you can even visit our branch personally to trade through your account. Offline trading account gives you the power to:


   •   Trade through phone, or in person at branch or through the dedicated team of Relationship Managers / Dealers.
   •   Plan India Network of Branch offices.
   •   NSE and BSE on an integrated platform.
   •   Moving money (pay-outs & pay-ins of funds) easily through a zero balance account with the designated banks even through the web.
   •   An account executive keeping a track of your portfolio in the market and suggest timely actions to help you make or save money.


We offer a diverse range of financial services which includes institutional and retail brokerage of equity, derivatives, commodities, currency, online trading, distribution of IPOs ,mutual funds, fixed deposits & bonds, dedicated desk for NRIs and institutional clients, insurance broking(both life & general), margin financing, portfolio management, wealth advisory & research.


The benefits of trading futures and options are:
   •   Capital efficient way to participate in shares
   •   Incur lower brokerage fees than actually trading in the underlying
   •   Take advantage of price movements in the underlying
   •   Liquid and easily traded
   •   Portfolio Diversification
   •   Short Selling is allowed