About Us

We Shobhakansha, are a tax-consultant with a sole purpose of providing excellent advices relating to Income Tax, Professional Tax & Value Added Tax (VAT). We have established our Concern in the year 2000 having sound knowledge and years of experience in this field.


We are a young and dynamic consulting Company with diverse areas of expertise. We have an enviable reputation for providing a fast, efficient service in a friendly and professional manner. Prior knowledge of various businesses puts us in good stead to offer you the best tax and financial advice.


At Shobhakansha, we will help you with all legal assistance to solve your legal complications. We provide basically three aspects of tax and financial advice i.e Income Tax, Professional Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT).

We are committed to providing close, personal attention to our clients.

We here by furnished our service guidelines as under.
   •   Obtaining the Value added Tax Registration Certificate, Central Sales Tax Registration Certificate, Professional Tax Registration & Enrolment Certificate,
   •   Online VAT Registration, VAT E-Return Filling, Works Contract TAX Exemption.
   •   Special guidance for how to maintain books of Accounts.
   •   Calculation of Value Added Tax, Professional Tax, Income Tax, monthly. Preparing of the Challans produce the same in the department in prescribed time limit.
   •   Preparing of necessary forms for Value added Tax, Profession Tax, Income Tax and to produce in concern department.
   •   Filing of E-return monthly / Quarterly / yearly.
   •   We are interested in providing best consultancy services with over all responsibility of the above work [Value Added Tax, Profession Tax, Income Tax.] on retainer ship basis.

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